A responsible company

  • Act locally, think globally
  • A peasant agriculture
  • A socially conscious agriculture
  • A culture of hospitality
  • Une agriculture maillon d'une chaine économique locale et responsable

Saint Préfert is aware of its responsibilities within society. Beyond wine, we seek ' to be useful'.....But how can one play a positive role in one's time and lend weight to the developments of one's era?

We have chosen to make our own René Dubos's adage 'act locally, think globally'

On our own small scale, we are working with our employees, our customers and our suppliers, building our relationships around social, environmental, economic and ethical issues which form the basis of our values.
- A rural agriculture: ethics of production both ecological and biodynamic
- A socially conscious agriculture: wage ethics that are human, social and collective
- A culture of hospitality: a unique customer experience
- An agriculture which forms a link in an economic chain, both local and socially responsible


An agriculture which forms a link in an economic chain, both local and socially responsible

Saint Préfert chooses as often as possible to use local suppliers who operate independently and on a human scale, whose social and environmental values correspond to our own.

As a result, in parallel we make it a point of honour to treat our suppliers as partners. We pay our bills punctually and negotiate fair prices so as to maintain that partnership over the long term. Working with Saint Préfert has become a seal of quality.

A rural agriculture: ethics of production both ecological and biodynamic
We are viticultural farmers thanks to our ecological practices which respect the Biological and Biodynamic charters of our profession. But far beyond these quality indicators, each one focuses on being coherent.

- Coherence in our farming methods. Our biodynamic and biological practices rest on the enhancement of our environmental and vegetal patrimony: we are developing our own conservatory of plant material from massal selection. We recycle the waste water from cleaning our tractors and forbid any chemical input within our cellar.

- Biodiversity thanks to tree cover: we are replanting each year essentially mediterranean species: oak, hackberry, cypress, pine, almond and fig. Biodiversity thus contributes to the expression of our singularity and to the enhancement of our natural resources.

- Consistency in our own behaviour: we have set ourselves the objective of no plastic bottles, a reduction of plastic elements in our chain of supply, the recycling of all our waste, the suppression of aluminium capsules, the recycling of organic waste and zero tolerance of cigarettes. In this way, each of us contributes to nurturing our ecological ideals.


A socially conscious agriculture: wage ethics that are human, social and collective

Since there exists a correlation between the nature of the social bond and the excellent quality of performance of our network of collaborators, I have chosen since more than seventeen years to propose to them to come and live the Saint Préfert experience. With the aim that each one should be happy and proud to work with Saint Préfert.

The success of Saint Préfert rests on the exceptional commitment of its key players. The passion in their job, the emotion each one of them feels in doing their work, and the remarkable relationships that unite them, are thus so many reasons to like working at Saint Préfert; I am myself very attached to the safety of everyone, to a certain level of comfort in the execution of their tasks, to their pleasure and personal development.

- Safety and comfort:
Whether it be in the vine with the latest generation of tractors with the highest level of ergonomic comfort, or in the cellar with an unlimited safety budget from gas detectors to forklifts to diminish the heavy lifting, everything which makes the daily work easier is privileged with only one aim in mind: to put energy into creativity and well-being.
Housing is made available to the workforce who wish to stay on site during periods of peak activity.
In the office, there are, available to everyone, spacious work places with double computer screens and exercise bikes under the desk for those who wish to stay fit, convivial and welcoming canteen space and outdoor sitting areas.

- Pleasure and emotion:
Every year the Saint Préfert team visits other viticultural areas, both french and european, from Burgundy to Bordeaux, from the Loire to Alsace and Switzerland. It gives each of us the chance to cultivate the pleasure of sharing with others the passion we feel for our chosen job.
Any opportunity is good to open and and share the tasting of bottles from elsewhere, because to open one's mind to such bottles is to progress in one's job. At Saint Préfert, we like these experiences to go even beyond the confines of our professional world by welcoming together both famous actors and musicians in order better to transmit our message as to the excellence of our vineyard. A flim clip resulted from the meeting between the team at Saint Préfert and Françoise FABIAN, Jacky TERRASSON and Géraud PORTAL.

-Training, the pillar of self development:
I encourage everybody to undertake training. Such as courses on biodynamics, on pruning which shows respect to the flow of sap....the use of new media and marketing through social media, modern management of human resources...Each employee can choose how to progress in his or her career. I want my staff to enjoy working here, united around a common passion. Such is the work culture experienced by every member of the team at Saint Préfert.

- A wage policy that is motivating:
Our motivational salary policy, both profit share and pension contributions, stimulates our passionate team to give of their very best so as to make a success of their experience and to participate in the fruits of that success.


A culture of hospitality: a unique customer experience

To come to Saint Préfert is like being invited by a quality host. A warm welcome awaits even our most distant customers who are invited to stay in our gîtes. So we propose to them that they stay overnight in Saint Préfert's farm buildings in the middle of the vines and embrace the reality of of our agricultural universe.

I invite my trade customers to come to lunch at Saint Préfert facing the amazing landscape of our vines. I cook for them using local produce from our region, and showcase our wines in the context of a convivial meal. It is a rare and very special experience.

Each customer for me has a personal relationship with Saint Préfert, because each customer is unique, and moreover, expected to visit Saint Préfert.


Une agriculture maillon d'une chaine économique locale et responsable

Saint Préfert choisit le plus souvent possible des fournisseurs locaux, de taille humaine, indépendants, dont la politique sociale et environnementale est conforme à ses valeurs.

Ainsi, en parallèle nous mettons un point d'honneur à accompagner nos fournisseurs. Nos factures sont payées dans les délais, nous négocions des prix raisonnés et entretenons un partenariat sur le long terme. Travailler avec Saint Préfert est devenu un label de qualité.

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